Cookie Tutorial

This tutorial has been tested and works with Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Not sure on other browsers. Just follow the instructions below and give a try.

Requirement: Javascript must have installed and activated in your browser.

1. Copy the whole script below. (Click “Select All” button and press “Ctrl + C” to copy)

Click Here For All-In-One Javascript

2. Press “Ctrl + D” or make a bookmark of this page. Name the bookmark “Cookie Script”.

3. Go to Bookmarks bar, right click on the “Cookie Script” bookmark, and select “Edit” or “Properties” (depends which browser you use).

4. In the “URL” or “Location” field, replace the link with the above script. Click “Save” button.

5. Now visit a file hosting site (i.e.,, rapidgator etc.), click on the “Cookie Script” bookmark. If the site is supported by this script, it will then ask to input a cookie. So input a valid cookie and click OK. And if the site is not supported, it will show you a error message instead.

If the cookie that you inputted is dead or invalid, you will be redirected to the homepage of that site.