How To Install & Use JDOWNLOADER2 Premium Database

JDownloader is a download manager, written in Java, which allows the automatic downloading of files and split files from one-click hosting sites such as RapidShare. JDownloader supports the use of premium accounts.Certain parts of JDownloader are open source.JDownloader is better known in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. As of December 2009 the program’s website is in the top 1000 sites by traffic from Spain. The German online magazine, designated it “newcomer of the year” for 2009 after it ranked among top 50 downloads with over half a million downloads for the year.

Main Features of JDownloader :

1. Download several files in parallel
2. Download with multiple connections
3. Uses premium accounts to download files
4. Can automatically solve some CAPTCHAs with its own OCR module (JAntiCaptcha)
5. About 300 decrypt plugins for many services. For example,, UCMS, WordPress, and RLSLog.
6. Supports about 110 one-click hosters like Rapidshare, Filefactory, Rapidgator etc.
7. YouTube, Vimeo, clipfish video and MP3 download
8. Can automatically acquire a new IP address to save waiting time (1400 routers supported)
9. Web update
10. Integrated package manager for additional modules (e.g. Web interface, Shutdown)
11. Theme Support
12. Multilingual

Download and Install Jdownloader2 :

1. Download Jdownloader2 : Click Here To Download Latest Jdownloader
2. Download Update file : Click Here To Download Jdownloader2 Update
3. Click JDownloader2Setup.exe to Install, Jdownloader2 require newest Java, so accept to install Java while installing JDownloader2
4. After install finished, don’t RUN Jdownloader, exit Jdownloader, then Copy and paste the following files to C:\Program Files\JDownloader 2, then extract and replace it
5. Run file Updater in C:\Program Files\JDownloader 2, to update the newest Jdownloader2
6. OK, Finish

Use Jdownloader2 Premium Database :

1. Visit, and download updated Jdownloader Premium Database.
2. Exit Jdownloader2
3. Extract the archive, Copy and paste the org.jdownloader.settings.AccountSettings.accounts.ejs file (you extracted from the archive) to the following path C:\Program Files\JDownloader 2\cfg
4. Click replace file if asks
5. Run Jdownloader2

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